Even If

Even if the rain never stops and the clouds don’t clear and the sun never shines again

Even if the music never plays

I’ll still love you always.

Even if time ceases to exist and there’s never again a space for our love

Even if we never again own the night

I’ll still never forget your heart.

Even if the moon never glows on the dark nights again and the gloom never fades

Even if the road stops going

I’ll still drive on through the darkness.

Even if the days never turn into weeks and months and years

Even if the tears never purge the pain

I’ll still never ignore what they taught me.

Even if the fears and wrongs can never turn into faith and dedication

Even if the love is plagued with condition

I’ll still never lose hope.

Even if the heavens stop abiding and the earth spins off its axis

Even if we can’t go on

I’ll still never lose sight of true love.

Even if we’re hurt and confused and can’t fathom finding our way again

Even if the light stops shining

I’ll still find it.

Even if we never find love again we own our own happiness and we own our plight

Even if it’s the end

I’ll always know this love.

At this moment, in this space, on the day my heart has changed

and my reason to love once more is because now

I know that love will always find a way to begin again.

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