Plans and Thangs

Hmmmmmmnnnnnnnneeellllllllooo… Subscribers are you there? Well, those of you reading should know that I have recently decided to outfit this blog with wings so we can fly into the podcast universe. Yup yup, ya’ll bout to start reading my writing and hearing my voice (and some others) on the regular. The plan is to begin in the coming days. I have tons to share.

So ummmmm, now is the time to show your support for me and this journey through monetary donations should you have the means and the desire. Internet don’t internet by itself, and my therapist charges by the hour.

Starting any new venture takes time and money, and neither are a luxury during a global pandemic. During the most recent part of this journey I have shared specific details of my past in order to heal myself and hopefully a few others along the way. This is my intended goal moving forward with my podcast. I will share my journey with you while healing me and hopefully healing you too. This won’t be easy, but it will be open, honest, and shooting straight from the heart.

So ummmmmm, donations donations… PLEASE. More updates are coming.

Cash App: $RodneyFitts


Paypal: @RodneyFitts

Thank you all so much for reading and listening!

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