Little Girl

Yesterday, while at work I received a call in the station from a concerned aunt. She was calling to have someone assist her in checking on the welfare of her young niece whom she thought may have been involved in an abusive relationship with her estranged husband. When I arrived at the address she gave me in N.W. Washington D.C. to assist the young lady she was nowhere to be found. However, her “husband” (who knows if they’re truly married) was on the scene. He allowed myself and the other officers there to assist me, inside of the residence to talk. Shortly after I was able to get the young lady on the telephone and she began to describe how this man continues to threaten her life and physically abuse her daily. Astounded, I immediately placed the man under arrest for Domestic Violence, of which he’d been arrested before in during a previous relationship. I urged the young lady to come to the scene in order for myself and the other officers to make sure that she was okay, and she obliged. After another brief interview of the young lady, I transported her “husband” to the police station for processing. It was then, that I discovered that not only was he abusing her physically and threatening her life, but he was also forcing her to prostitute herself in order to pay the bills in the house. A man she’d only known for about 3 months was able to manipulate her and force her into a world of which many young girls rarely escape.  I’d like to be able to say that I couldn’t believe it, but it’s something I’ve seen far too many times during my tenure as a police officer. Having worked with young girls in prostitution in the past, I knew exactly what direction this needed to be taken, however, initially I’d not bargained for this case to go this far. After collecting all of the witness statements, and other facts and data, I was able to charge this man with the felony he had committed in order to detain him before he’d be formally charged the next day.

I arrived at court this morning to speak with the attorney and to “paper” this case. During my conference with the attorney (a woman), she decided that we needed to call the young victim in order to “verify” her story and to move forward with the case. From the beginning of the attorney’s conversation with the young girl, the attorney was very impatient. She was simply a “just the facts” type of person, who clearly didn’t understand that with such trauma this young girl had experienced, she needed to be handled with kid gloves and be allowed to tell her story. It didn’t take long for the girl to grow extremely upset with the attorney and to disconnect the call. I immediately tried to call the young girl back to get her to talk to me, of which she obliged. Later, I was able to allow her to speak with another attorney in order to get her whole story out. The things she described, the sexual acts she mentioned, and the many men she had sex with, was truly disheartening. I had to stop and think what could have happened in this young girl’s life to make her so weak, vulnerable, and naive. I learned through this interview that she’d had her first child at 13 and her second not too far behind, and now she’s only 21 years old. How devastating is this, I thought. As I continued to listen to her story, I had to walk away. In part because, she was such a weak soul, and couldn’t grasp the concept that she’d been brainwashed, and the other because her grammar was poor, and I couldn’t grasp everything she was trying to convey. I listened to her say that she thought that every relationship was supposed to involve physical violence, as this was all she knew, and all she’d ever experienced. I listened to her tell us how this man exploited her, and placed ads for sex on different websites in order for her to perform these sexual acts for money. And the whole time I thought, what will she become? How can she ever be more? What about her children? Where are they now? Who stole her innocence?

A poor little girl inside and out. She knew nothing of the real world and how to move passed one’s past. She only knew that she had a pretty face, and a slim waist and that the only thing she was worth was a fuck. She had been beaten over and over by men, and those around her who were supposed to love her, and she never learned to love herself because of it. And I just couldn’t believe it. I just didn’t want to think about it. But I knew that she needed someone to fight for her, and I knew that it had to be me. I find it such a shame that people are so broken, that they think they don’t have a way out. These people think that they have nowhere to go because they’re ill-educated and have been broken into pieces. Today, in a small way, I was able to give her a piece of peace. I was able to show her a way out. I only hope that she see’s the light, and finds her path. Because this pretty little girl didn’t deserve this.

“Little girl, little girl. Wonder are you listening. Little girl, little girl. Struggling with your confidence. Little girl, little girl. God made you so beautiful. Little girl, little girl. I just thought that you should know.” (Thanks Mary Mary).


Author: inmynativescribble

A Black man trying to face fear, the past, the present, and reconcile his future. Still.

6 thoughts on “Little Girl”

  1. My niece just re-entered an abusive relationship. On the outside, she has so many positive things in her life, including a beautiful baby boy. Inside, she is obviously broken. She is 20 years old. Why has she put that little angel at risk as well as herself. How does one empower them to have self-worth and realize this is not love? These are not questions I present to necessarily be answered. Just torn up about the entire situation.


    1. Cin,
      I understand your concerns, as they are legitimate ones. I believe that the only way to continue to empower your niece is to be in her corner. You have to show her that she deserves better, and that she can be more. Many people involved in abusive relationships feel like it’s their only option. I think it’s important for you (someone who obviously cares) to show her that she has a way out. The first step to leaving any abusive situation is conquering ones fear. You have to know that the good that will come from leaving will certainly outweigh the bad of you staying. Trouble don’t last always if we don’t let it.

      Native Scribble


  2. That story is the life of so many young women who just don’t know their worth. I am so happy that you were professional and caring in this situation. BTW, that is my favorite song by Mary Mary.


  3. This is sad, but I see it more and more these days. Kids are growing up in homes where there is no love and they don’t recieve the proper atttention they need. They see mommy and daddy fighting all the time and grow up thinking that it is normal to be in a relationship where men hit you. That is not cool at all. I have heard women say out their mouth, “he hits me because he loves me”. That is one of the worst things I have ever heard in my life. But a question I have is why do these women stay in these horrible and terrible relationships? I know they may have low self-esteem or may be weak souled people, but at some point you got to say enough is enough. You got to want better for yourself and for you kids. I honestly don’t feel bad for women in this situation because at the end of the day, they have the power to just walk away and leave.


  4. Wow! That was a truly heartwrencing story! I have had the displeasure of coming across a domestic violence case that I’m still dealing with today! I thank God you were there to let the love of God shine through and be more of man to her in that span of time than she has known her whole life. I’m very sad because I know there are millions of other beautiful little girls in this world going through the same thing! It’s funny too that I thought of that mary mary song while I was reading! Thank God for you being there! Please continue to be the awesome person that you are! The world needs more men with your character! *muah*


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