Time is just ticking

No life, no gigs

No wife, no kids

No prospects, but still no fear

The clock is still clicking

Twenty-nine is here, the future is near

No bride, but maybe a groom

And kids will be here soon

Inevitably, law is my chosen doom

My heart is still beating

I am still singing

New chances for love are still ringing my phone

Who cares if I sing in the shower when I’m alone

My brain is still thinking

My career is still gleaming

I still have no fear

I only cry joyous tears

And I’m still standing right here.

Wednesday Night

As fast as it came, even faster it went.

The faster we drank, the faster we sank.

Oblivious to reason, we crossed a line.

Who knew I’d be so blind?

In my dreams, it felt like bliss.

The harsh reality is now it feels like shit.

You pulled me in too close.

Who knew you’d be so bold?

From the tip of a mountain peak we fell freely.

Like a cruise ship in rough seas, we sank deeply.

You were on the prowl right from the beginning.

Who knew I’d be dinner?

Conspicuously you tried your hand, and I swatted it again and again.

But as fast as we drank, even faster we sank.

You pushed me out the door.

Who knew you’d be so cold?

“Yo! Give me a call.”

“Naw, I’m good.”

I’m awake now. No more dream clouds.

Who knew I’d know?

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