This blog was created for several reasons. The first being, my way to express all of the things that I have not been able to express verbally. The second being, a way to share with those that may find their own peace of mind, while I’m trying to find mine. The third being, a way to save me from myself so that I can heal. There will be things here to make you laugh, cry, and even angry sometimes, but it’s MINE! And there ain’t nobody that can tell my story better than me. The love, the hurt, the shame, the reflection, the joy, and the rain in my life will all be expressed and exposed right here. I’m guessing I have to tell you people where I came from and how I came to be, huh? Well, that’s what this blog is for. I’m just a young black man in Washington, D.C. making his own way through life, love, and the ever after. This is my truth, this is my life, these are my ideals, and this is my voice.

Just a few tips and rules… (1.) We don’t name drop in this blog. (Unless, of course you’re someone famous, in any capacity, and your name needs to be mentioned in a story or comment.) (2.) We don’t shun comments on this blog, because someone may need some clarity, or want to share their thoughts on something I’ve written or something someone else has commented on. (3.) CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS! Nuff said!