No Longer Your Little Secret

I’m here to stay, and here to make my own way. Love it or Leave it, is what I have to say. So long ago I was afraid. Afraid of what I thought you might think of me. Afraid that you would belittle me. Afraid to be me. ME!!!! I know who “Me” is. I know who “I” am, and I know what I wont accept. You don’t have to believe in me, it won’t matter anyway. But you will Listen!!!! You’ll listen because you’re drawn to me, and what I’m saying. You’ll listen because it has substance. You’ll listen because I’m shouting from the Mountain Tops!!!! You’ll listen because you don’t have a choice! I’m not what you expect of me. I wont ever fit into your box. I’m never going to say what you want me to say, or feel what you think I should. YOU DON’T OWN ME!!!! YOU CAN’T CONTROL ME!!!! But you will listen! You can’t hide me, or shut me up! You can’t deny my rights because your life’s messed up. You can’t contain my Spirit, because you didn’t give it to me! So what makes you think you can just take it away? I’m not your secret! I won’t hide behind you or follow your command. I won’t let you walk in front of me when we should be walking hand in hand. If you don’t want me, then you can go. And please don’t ever think you’re “Irreplaceable”! You see, I have the “Gift Of Goodbye”! Ask those from my past and they’ll tell you why. I’m a Free Spirit, not some dirty little secret. I’m a human being, and I have feelings. If you want the truth, you have to live in truth. When you hide who you are, to appease the masses, the only one who get hurt is you. YOU!!! “The Truth, It Needs No Proof!” I don’t owe you a thing. And I don’t have to prove anything. I’ll just say, I’m not 15 anymore. I’m not a little boy. I’m not impressionable, and I’m not your play toy. I’m not still in High School and far too old to still be a fool. I’ll never be what you want me to. I’ll be what God created in me, not what he created in you. So, love it or leave, but show me some respect, cause I’m no longer willing to be your little secret!

Author: inmynativescribble

A Black man trying to face fear, the past, the present, and reconcile his future. Still.

2 thoughts on “No Longer Your Little Secret”

  1. omg…♥♥♥♥♥ it!!!!! It is time to stand up for U!!!!
    can we PLEASE pass this on to the men & women to afraid to step out of their own box and live their lives for them and not for those around them??
    can we PLEASE pass this on to the men & women who refuse to be ‘real’ with themselves??


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