Their Darkest Knight

So filled with despair, I cannot breathe, I have no air.

No chair to take a seat and no bed to rest my head.

Emotionally detached from the world around me.

Trying not to fall victim to its sanctimony.

Fighting to the death, but I have almost nothing left.

But with no white light in sight, I must continue the fight for all that is right, just, and true. No matter how blue my heart is, no matter how few understand it.

So with a raised hand and a clenched fist, I press on, merciless.

I don’t serve this country. I serve the people.

The people who seek freedom, the people who want to be equal.

Defenseless against a system so often contradicted.

Repudiated justice, provoking resentment.

Innumerable witnesses to lies of this system, but no one takes a stand, too afraid to write a sentence. They won’t make waves because they think they’re unaffected.

But the detriment is their own, and totally unexpected.

Cronyism’s cupidity, cryptic stupidity, and interminable lies have taken their toll on me.

Discerning the hatred for which they have no basis, they seek to impeach me, because I make them face it.

Deserving atonement but reluctantly agreeing to its postponement, I try to show patience even in the face of their shamelessness.

But I’ll never give in, or give up on this fight. I’ll take them on alone, even their darkest knight.

Author: inmynativescribble

A Black man trying to face fear, the past, the present, and reconcile his future. Still.

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