Seemingly you’re a gentle breeze, and masculine with great ease.

When I see you a weakness comes over my knees, and I find it hard to breathe.

Every Night you’re in my dreams, and everyday you’re all I want to see.

Not sure what you’re doing to me, but don’t stop, I beg of you…PLEASE!

It doesn’t feel right without you beside me each night.

Don’t know what to do about this inevitable plight, but whatever it takes, whatever the cost, for you I will fight.

The secrecy is killing me, and my emotions are filling me, up and up and away, without shame, not playing any games.

I’m losing my mind, waiting for just one sign, praying that you won’t decline.

So I ask, will you be mine?

When you speak to me I tremble.

When you look at me I envision, my life with you, my time with you.

I don’t know what to do.

This battle I cannot lose, it’s winning I choose.